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Project Development and Construction Management: If you have a corporate real estate project on the horizon, let AE Miller Management Partners assume the role of project developer and/or construction manager. We will oversee all aspects of your project from inception to execution, keeping your project on-budget and on-time.

Move Management and Coordination: Moving offices? AE Miller Management Partners is skilled at handling corporate relocations, including space planning, furniture procurement and disposition, schedule management, site deactivation, and more.

Tenant Improvements (TI): AE Miller Management Partners can also help make your existing space more functional through tenant improvements. Whether you are looking to renovate your entire space or make small, impactful changes, we can help facilitate the upgrades you have in-mind while keeping your budget and timeline top-of-mind.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: Are you in the market for new furniture, fixtures or equipment? AE Miller Management Partners can assist you with proposals for new items, taking inventory of your existing equipment, and/or liquidating your current assets.

One-On-One Consulting: We realize that no two businesses are the same, and each has their own unique needs and requirements. Schedule a one-on-one consulting session with AE Miller Management Partners to discuss how we can better assist your team with your project management needs.